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Steph's Folk Art Studio

America has long been defined by the unique creations of its inhabitance, cultivating a rich tradition of organic, folk-art that is both functional and reflects the lives of its creator. Using both classic and unconventional techniques and materials, these artists created items to be marveled over aesthetically, as well as items for everyday use.

Steph's Folk Art Studio in Strasburg, Pennsylvania seeks to extend this tradition to the 21st century with our informative and educational folk-art and painting classes. Our instructor's diverse subject knowledge will engage both the practiced artist, as well as beginners. Our informative tutorials cover everything from acrylic paints and art deco, to traditional folk techniques of improvisation and found materials.

Steph's Folk Art Studio offers learners and aficionados an encouraging space to explore their talents and grow in their knowledge of our nation's creative history. Contact us today to inquire about our next slate of classes, scheduling or available seats, and be sure to take a moment to explore examples of what you can achieve with Stephs Folk Art throughout our website.

Due to inclement weather Wednesday, January 17th
Our studio will be closed
Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
Whenever bad weather is in the forecast please check our website before planning any visits to our studio.
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"Come Paint With Us"
Do to the forcasted weather for Tuesday, January 16th
our regularly schedule
"Come Paint With Us"
for January has been rescheduled for
Wednesday and Thursday, January 23rd & 24th at 10am
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Butterfly Batik
January 13th, 2018
A kit must also be purchased for this workshop.
Join us for this great fun project.
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"Come Paint With Us"
ONLY $ 14 per day
plus surface, a pattern packet also must be purchased for this class.
"Come Paint With Us"
Classes begin at 10am and continue to apprx 4pm
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Tuesday & Wednesday January 23rd & 24th, 2018
"Let It Crow"
original design by
Lynne Andrews
A pattern packet must also be purchased for this class.
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All designs on this website are owned and copyrighted by the individual artist and may not be copied or duplicated in any form without the written consent of the artist.
All surfaces for workshops, "Come Paint With Us", seminars, etc must be purchased from the studio. If you choose an alternate surface to paint your project you are required to purchase surface(s) equal to or greater than the project is shown on.
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